Business Owner Growth Program

Leaders of small to mid-sized firms as well as business unit leaders are often in a tough position when it comes to increasing the profit and decreasing expenses each quarter.

First, you need to satisfy the client workload. Next, you are responsible for making sure new business comes in, so you are networking, writing articles, giving interviews, serving on boards, and engaging in other efforts that lead to visibility. After that, you have internal team development and project management. When the rest of the staff goes home, you have the accounting, legal, HR, and banking issues to solve. Thank goodness this path is leading to the greater financial and personal rewards you dreamed of when you started – you do remember those, don’t you? Leaders of companies of up to 100 employees find great value in this program. The Business Owner Growth Program is designed to:

  • Offer systematic tools and strategies proven to help reduce the complexity of running a successful business
  • Provide guidance and encouragement for pursuing larger goals, greater impact, and financial gains
  • Create a professional relationship embedded with high expectations for success and accountability to take action

The Business Owner Growth Program offers a strategic partner who can help

  • Increase your ability to secure new business,
  • Serve your clients effectively,
  • Hire the right personnel, structure work flow, delegate more to your staff
  • Focus on the activities and ideas that will improve your financial results as well as your professional and personal satisfaction.

This program offers regularly scheduled coaching teleconferences, unlimited access via e-mail, and a confidential online workroom for collaboration. A one-year commitment is required to ensure the full benefits and rewards of the program.

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