Everyone deserves to work for a great boss.

We upskill tech managers who want to get measurably better at leading their people and accomplishing more in their career, one sprint at a time. 

Three Steps to Better, Stronger Managers Who Produce Great Results and Multiply Company Strengths


By beginning each sprint with a small set of targeted questions for your role and level of experience, you can easily see your growth in awareness, knowledge, and competency by comparing where you started and what you gained.


Fill in gaps that are very common in workplaces without comprehensive training and mentoring programs — advance your awareness and update your knowledge and skills in just weeks compared to what others take years to get.


Action learning is the name of the game when you are in a growth-focused company culture. That's why you develop practical skills with relevant tools using your work responsibilities as opportunities to improve.

6 Core Sprints to ELEVATE Your Impact

SPRINT: Prioritizing Against the Bigger Picture

Stephen Covey's habits for personal agency (Be proactive, Begin with the end in mind, and Put first things first) are often quoted and yet seldom fully operationalized so that they become easy and automatic to follow among your managers and across your departments. 

In this Sprint, we break these habits into their components to make it easier to integrate and operate from these principles that give us success at the personal level. Then we combine this momentum with two key tools that help you to align your actions and those of your team with the company objectives. 

SPRINT: Taking Responsibility for Your Results

Instead of excuses, produce results.

If no one has shown you how to take responsibility for the underlying aspects of what you accomplish each day, you'll learn it in this Core Sprint.

Examine 7 aspects of your environment and make conscious choices to set yourself up for success instead of frustration, friction, and failure.

You deserve it, your direct reports will respond to it, and your company will benefit greatly from the higher quality contributions you make and the stronger positive attitude you bring. 

SPRINT: Using Feedback to Steer Toward Desirable Outcomes

It is a waste to use feedback only to judge results when there is so much power in using it to shape the agenda, attitudes, and behaviors of your direct reports so that they can deliver more useful results for your internal and external customers while supporting your company to excel. 

In addition, we are too far along in 2024 to rely on the tired and stale "feedback sandwich" routine that fails to deliver lasting change or improved standards. Learn 3 alternatives that work far better. 

SPRINT: Delegation – The Overlooked Skill Set for Demonstrating Leadership

Let's start with dispelling the often used synonym for delegation: dumping, as in taking all the tasks you don't want to do or don't like to do and putting it on someone else's plate and trying to dress it up by calling it delegating. Nope, that has to stop.

Delegation is a powerful method for accomplishing more with others, that creates new opportunities and learning for participants, and raises your reputation in the company. Once you put delegation to use at this level, there is no going back to thinking that dumping is the same thing and your people will appreciate you for it.

SPRINT: Mastering Your Meetings

Easy question: what is one of the most common business activities that we all engage in, yet have had zero or very little training, support, and guidance in using to its full advantage? Meetings - correct!

In this Sprint, you'll learn how to plan, prepare, hold, and follow-up with meetings so well that your colleagues will actually look forward to them – no kidding! You will learn different formats for leading effective 1:1s, status updates, progress reporting, and much more. 

SPRINT: Goal Achievement through Leveraged Execution

This Sprint synthesizes strategic alignment, delegation, scorecard metrics, and how to celebrate so that your team really marks the significance of the occasion through a specially designed action learning assignment. 

You will understand how to analyze business problems to find common root causes that can be addressed through a single solution or intervention, identify such an opportunity in your business and implement it, getting expert support and guidance along the way.