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ELEVATE Sprint: Delegate Like a Boss!

Delegate Like a Boss!

Let this ELEVATE Sprint transform your management team to accomplish more in each of their roles with far less stress, promote their direct reports so that they advance their skills and relationships, and build capacity as a strategic leader to enable greater growth.

Engage your middle and emerging managers in collaborative, real-world challenges over this 2-week Sprint, developing the leadership bench strength your company deserves.

Learning Objectives

  • Attract and Retain Top Talent Through Effective Management: Prioritize establishing your organization as a leader in professional development, significantly enhancing your ability to attract and retain high-caliber talent, crucial for long-term organizational success.
  • Cultivate Leadership and Growth: Focus on accelerating the development of high-potential leaders among your direct reports, ensuring a robust leadership pipeline and fostering a culture of growth and advancement.
  • Maximize Operational Efficiency and Productivity: Equip your direct reports with advanced delegation skills, aiming to unlock new levels of productivity and operational efficiency across teams, directly impacting the bottom line.
  • Streamline Task Management: Emphasize eliminating inefficiencies in task distribution and management, thereby reducing costly delays and improving project delivery timelines and outcomes.
  • Enhance Team Dynamics and Output: Foster an environment where optimized team dynamics and improved output are the norm, through strategic delegation practices that enhance collaboration and overall team effectiveness.
  • Clarify Roles and Responsibilities: Ensure that roles and responsibilities within teams are clearly defined and understood, minimizing misunderstandings and increasing efficiency, accountability, and job satisfaction.
  • Foster a Learning and Development Culture: Demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement and professional development, creating a resilient and adaptable workforce prepared to meet current and future challenges.
Primary Audience

Designed to address the needs of managers reporting to a COO, CIO, CEO, or equivalent at growth-oriented tech companies.


Onboarding – Required for new companies and/or first time ELEVATE sprint participants. 90 minutes.

Can be taken as a first ELEVATE Sprint? Yes

Technical Requirements
  • Internet access.
  • Laptop or mobile
  • Any calendar system.
  • Any email system.
  • Any work environment project management system with Kanban capability (such as Trello, Asana, or others).
Enrollment Period

Once enrolled, your company cohort will have access to the training portal for onboarding prior to the start of the Sprint. 

Once the Sprint begins, you will have access to the live support calls for the Sprint, as well as for 30 days following the completion of the Sprint for review and reinforcement.

Why Delegation Matters

  • McKinsey's research showed that improving leadership skills — particularly delegation and communication — within a company's operations group could improve productivity by as much as 20%.
  • Gallup found that companies that effectively communicate and coordinate through management teams achieve 26% higher revenue per employee. 
  • According to the Corporate Executive Board, employees who believe their managers are effective at delegation are nearly 2 times more likely to be high performers.  
  • According to a study by CEB, managers who are effective at feedback and coaching can improve their employees' performance by up to 27%. 
  • Managers who received training were found to delegate 28% more effectively than before training.  
  • Employees who receive consistent management feedback have 14.9% lower turnover rates. 
  • Management training on feedback and effective delegation showed a 32% increase in employee satisfaction.  

SPRINT Curriculum: Delegation

Module 1: Foundations of Effective Business Delegation

Discover the core concepts of business delegation and its critical role in organizational success. Learn the purposes of effective delegation, explore different levels of delegation, and understand the concepts of accountability, responsibility, and authority within the context of managing in a tech company environment.

Interactive quiz to strengthen your knowledge of the core concepts.

Module 2: Cornerstones of Effective Delegation

Uncover the key elements that make delegation effective. From setting clear intentions to planning for success and integrating feedback mechanisms, this module provides the tools you need to articulate outcomes, responsibilities, and benefits more effectively.

Assignment: Develop an enhanced delegation plan tailored to a specific project and post it to the learning portal. 

Module 3: Leveling Up Your Delegation

Apply your new understanding of the full capabilities of delegation by improve an existing workflow. This practical assignment challenges you to utilize your delegation skills to enhance team efficiency and productivity.

Case Study: Analyze and discuss a delegation scenario in tech management.

Module 4: The Delegation Framework

Dive deep into the delegation process, from planning through to completion. Learn how to utilize Kanban tools for effective task management and visibility. Gain insights from case studies of tech managers who excel in delegation.

Peer Review Assignment: Share and critique delegation plans with peers for social learning. Reflect on patterns from the feedback.

Module 5: Overcoming Delegation Challenges

Identify common pitfalls in delegation and explore strategies to overcome them. Through real-world case studies, learn how successful tech leaders navigate delegation challenges to maintain team harmony and productivity.

Friday Feedback and Integrations: Discuss weekly insights and challenges on your learning journey.

Module 6: Building a Delegation Plan that Scales

How to adapt the core elements of effective delegation when applying them to larger projects. This module equips tech managers with the insights and tools needed to collaborate with managers from other departments and to request funding by showing its ROI. It emphasizes the leverage points to ensure success on a larger scale.

Bonus: Learn a powerful technique for setting weekly intentions that makes it easier to accomplish your strategic objectives.

Case study and group discussion: Comparing the structures of teams on Alphabet, Apple, and Amazon to find applicable lessons (both to embrace as well as avoid) in your own company's growth. 

Module 7: Delegation and Team Development

Assess team capabilities and create a strategic delegation plan that aligns with the developmental opportunities with each direct report and how to accelerate and/or improve attainment of company goals.

Explore the role of delegation in team development, skill enhancement, and fostering a culture of trust. Learn how to use delegation as a tool for encouraging professional growth and team cohesion.

Assignment: Craft a delegation-based team development plan focusing on practical application.

Module 8: Advanced Delegation Techniques

Master advanced delegation techniques for managing remote teams, leveraging automation, and scaling delegation practices as your team grows. This module prepares you for the complexities of fast-changing tech environments.

Quiz: Demonstrate your knowledge of creating and executing effective delegation plans.

Assignment: Examine and detail a different work process using the ChatGPT prompt steps provided. Discuss your findings with your learning cohort.

Module 9: Continuous Improvement and Adaptation

Embrace the principles of continuous improvement and adaptation in your delegation practices. Create personal action plans and strategies to ensure your delegation skills remain effective and responsive to change.

Assignment: Formulate a continuous improvement plan for your delegation approach. Schedule reviews for the 6 months ahead.

Module 10: Consolidation and Future Directions

Consolidate your learning and plan for the future. Reflect on your development journey and set goals to continue enhancing your delegation skills, adapting to new challenges, and leading with confidence.

Special Session: Friday Feedback and Integrations for final reflections and goal setting.

Reflective Assignment: Document your learning journey and future development plans in delegation mastery.

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