Who We Assist

LearnWell works with people who are responsible for improving the situation of their organization. We work with the C-level decision makers in a company. We work with division leaders. Almost always we work with someone who has P/L responsibility.

Although we serve a wide variety of businesses, the industries we serve most commonly include top management in the high tech / Internet 2.0, life science, financial services, new media/publishing, and professional service firms.

Here are several examples from our experience in over 35 industries to give you a picture of who we assist:

  • Dave’s sales team was underperforming to meet its annual $2MM per sales person goal, and needed to resolve communications and structural issues in order to move enough high-quality prospects through the pipeline.
  • Fred was tasked with creating a new business unit and wanted a strategic partner to develop the start-up infrastructure and to break down barriers to effective teamwork.
  • Elise believed her team could be more productive with a self-service knowledge base with custom content.
  • Michael wanted his field sales force to understand and use CRM to improve results.
  • John’s team wanted to use social media in its new product launch.
  • Barbara wanted market validation for a cutting edge product to attract a new customer segment.
  • Dara wanted a go-to-market strategy that communicated the product value proposition and differentiated the company from its competition as younger, greener, and more creative.
  • Marybeth’s division was undergoing a dramatic change in capability and focus and needed to refine a strategy and roll out a structure to support the new strategy.
  • Rich saw an opportunity to outperform his competition using collaborative Internet tools.
  • Jei launched a startup with a projected $30 MM return for investors in less than 5 years and needed seed funding.
  • Martin wanted facilitation at his company retreat to resolve two issues that weren’t going to go away on their own.
  • Dan wanted a leadership development program for his high potential young managers for both professional development as well as retention purposes.

Our work is varied and fulfilling because we bring a unique methodology and perspective to engagements that leads to extraordinary results for our clients.


To learn more about how we work with clients, please follow this link.