How We Work

7 Most Common Issues:

Over the years, we’ve found that companies experiencing growth pinch points, disruptions, or gaps between plans and results identify with one or more of the following issues. These hold true even in the economic turbulence we are now experiencing.

  1. Business opportunities are lost through delays, disorganization, or distractions. The potential benefits of achieving them and the costs of not acting on these matters is known, but those reasons alone are insufficient to take the necessary steps.
  2. An important issue that has been “handled” for awhile, such as safety, has suddenly become a problem recently. No reasons or causes are readily apparent.
  3. Projects or new technology solutions were introduced with the intention of improving internal processes and results. However, these new efforts fall by the wayside instead of being embraced.
  4. Decisions take a long time either because key issues disappear during the process or get debated in unproductive ways.
  5. Lack of awareness of key customer or employee issues leads to problems that may include low morale and decreased productivity. These issues quickly lead to lower sales revenue and higher costs to address the symptoms rather than the root causes.
  6. Rapid growth has outstripped the ability of the existing ways of doing things. You have the potential to meet the needs of the current demands if you could just get your ducks in a row.
  7. External relationships with partners, suppliers, and contractors have not been reviewed and evaluated for hidden advantages and opportunities.

3-Step Overview

LearnWell understands that the people who come to us with challenges need assistance in three areas, essentially:

  1.  Situational clarification: to get a handle on what’s really going on, where they want to go, and measurable ways to evaluate progress.
  2. Strategic approach:  process or structure for how to get there.
  3. Knowledge transfer: so that the new tools, insights, and competitive advantages are absorbed and integrated into the day to day operations of the company, and continue to deliver benefits and results after the engagement ends.

 To learn more about the way we work through case studies, follow this link. Or, contact us now to discuss your situation.