Executive Development Program (EDP) for Senior Tech Leaders

As a senior manager, how often do you start your day intending to accomplish a list of clear objectives, even taking into account unexpected interruptions and issues. Minutes later, you find yourself resolving a dispute among your direct reports—maybe today it is a debate over who has authority, another missed deadline, or perhaps a new project needs more funding. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure, your own objectives have been shoved to the back burner. Again.

The gap between your current level of strategic leadership, change management mastery, and organizational capability development among your colleagues is invisible yet costly. Addressing these core issues is not just necessary; it's critical to preventing these daily disruptions from undermining your organization's growth potential.

Program Overview

The Executive Development Program (EDP) is a specialized 90-day Growth Cycle tailored for 4-8 members of the senior management team. It's designed to tackle the real-world challenges senior leaders face, providing strategies and tools to enhance leadership effectiveness, operational efficiency, and the capacity to lead through change.

Even the best instruction in a single day or entire week dedicated to learning like you get with an executive education course from Columbia, MIT, or Wharton cannot have the impact that a 90 day Growth Cycle can because on top of introducing new strategies and tools for strategic leadership, you get individual attention, written feedback on assignments, and office hours each week where you can drop in and discuss or strategize.

Active Learning Results in Transformation for Each Participant

  • Strategic Leadership Empowerment: Develop a sharper, more strategic vision to lead your company in the competitive tech landscape.
  • Organizational Capability Enhancement: Build a culture of innovation and efficiency, enhancing your company's ability to execute on strategic objectives.
  • Change Management Mastery: Equip your team with the skills to lead through change with resilience and agility, minimizing disruption and maintaining momentum.
  • Communication Excellence: Improve the clarity and impact of your communications to strengthen team alignment and stakeholder engagement.
  • Personalized Leadership Development: Receive both group and individual coaching, focusing on the unique challenges and opportunities facing each leader.

Curriculum Design

Drawing on input from intake questionnaires and expert insights during onboarding, the curriculum covers strategic alignment, leadership development, organizational capabilities improvement, and change management mastery.

This ensures that the EDP addresses your team's specific needs and challenges.

Learning Materials and Support
Access a library of online resources, including planning guides, case studies, and execution plans, through a dedicated learning portal. These materials are designed to support your learning journey and facilitate the application of new strategies and insights.

KPIs and Impact Measurement

The program includes KPI tracking to assess improvements in strategic leadership, operational efficiency, and communication effectiveness. This approach ensures measurable outcomes, allowing for real-time feedback and adjustments.

What You Can Expect

Each participant will grow in their abilities relevant to their responsibilities.

  • Enhanced strategic decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • Improved operational efficiencies and a stronger culture of innovation.
  • More effective communication, leading to better alignment and engagement.
  • A resilient and adaptable leadership team, capable of navigating change.
  • A personalized development plan for each leader, fostering continuous growth.


  • $30,000 for up to 6 participants.
  • $40,000 for up to 10 participants.

Action Steps:

  1. Review the Program Details: Familiarize yourself with the EDP's features, investment, and expected outcomes to ensure it aligns with your leadership development goals.
  2. Consult Your Team: Discuss the program with your senior management team to gauge interest and commitment to participate in the 90-day Growth Cycle.
  3. Contact Us for Enrollment: Reach out to begin the enrollment process, including completing intake questionnaires to tailor the curriculum to your team's needs.
  4. Participate and Engage: Commit to fully engaging with the program, including attending all sessions, completing assignments, and actively participating in coaching sessions.
  5. Measure and Reflect: Utilize the KPI tracking and feedback mechanisms to measure the program's impact on your leadership and organizational performance. Reflect on these outcomes to guide continuous improvement.


As a senior manager, the contributions you can make are limited by the health of your workplace culture, and culture never improves on its own. It takes deliberate actions, such as skill building to become more effective and conflict resolution to allow senior peers to collaborate internally to you can direct your competitive energies where they will do the most good for your investors and stakeholders.

LearnWell's Executive Development Program offers a comprehensive solution, empowering senior managers with the skills, strategies, and insights needed to lead their teams effectively, drive organizational success, and reclaim their focus on higher-level objectives.

By investing in the EDP, you are not just addressing the immediate challenges of today but are laying the groundwork for sustained excellence and organizational growth.

Take the first step towards transforming your leadership team and contact us today to get your questions answered about LearnWell's Executive Development Program for Tech Managers.

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