Case Studies

LearnWell unlocks the growth potential of companies.

That work takes many different forms and ranges from well-funded early stage companies to more mature organizations with the desire to become more entrepreneurial.

Here are some of our results in the words of those who know and appreciate our work best, our clients.


In this project, we were asked to address the pain points associated with the customer-facing division of a large organization that identified with being technologically sophisticated, yet recognized that their practices lagged behind where they wanted to be. Over a 12 month period, we designed an innovative curriculum and introduced new tools and practices for adding accountability, meeting schedules, asking clients and JV partners for feedback, and reporting progress while reducing travel. This project involved 1,200 members of the engineering division. As a result, the client developed not only the short-range benefits of improved tools and project management, but longer-range enhancements were evident in a more cooperative and collaborative work culture.

You not only helped us transition our organization to widely use eCollaboration tools, saving significant time and money, but you helped us formulate a longer-range vision to sustain our continuous improvement.

R. Kinard
eCollaboration Global Manager


The client was losing market share to competitors and we were asked to reverse the trend. We conducted a short-range study over a few weeks and found the greatest needs among the target audience of decision makers at the district and state level of technology decision makers. We recommended ways that the client could get ahead of the curve by providing customized executive briefings. We conducted a 12 city tour and provided follow-up to participants. As a result, not only did sales improve, but the client became viewed as a more strategic partner.

Your regional tour to our most important customers was a huge success in helping not only educate the decision makers but position our brand among all the influencers as the logical and preferred choice.

Joanne Silvestri
Education Division
Apple, Inc.


We were initially brought in to assess the lack of engagement of the marketing team with a decision support tool. We conducted a teambuilding session. Afterwards, we were hired to bring about a more focused and productive alignment between the organization’s strategy and the technology tools used, and the day-to-day operations of the team. Through education and coaching, team leaders became more self-sufficient and a reduction in cycle time and communication errors dropped significantly.

I was very impressed with your project management. I can’t say enough about the process…You took the concepts, goals, and rough ideas I brought you and made them immeasurably better.

B. Bradley
Marketing Director
Johnson Matthey


This client had an unwieldy, labor-intensive process for managing complex plant construction projects. We provided teamwork development and improved the group’s ability to communicate with both internal and external clients. Afterwards, productivity rose and the team reported much greater satisfaction with their work environment.

All original goals for the project have been met or exceeded. The relationship was at all times positive and progressive. The commitment to total satisfaction of your client was always apparent.

D. Worman
Vice President
Foster Wheeler USA Corporation


This engagement initially started as a project to identify and develop underutilized marketing methods to increase the visibility of the client’s offerings to its target audience, namely senior executives in Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 companies. Over the course of many projects, we provided strategy sessions, competitive analysis, and fresh market intelligence to support the growth of the enrollment.

Your contributions have helped reinforce our positioning as one of the top executive development programs worldwide, enhance our business generation systems, improve our web visibility, and garner important insights into market trends and customer needs.

B. Gyd
Senior Director
Wharton Executive Education

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